Can I download tubemate for iPhone, iOS?


Let me make this 100% clear before you read on. Unfortunately, Tubemate is not on the official app store for Apple which means that you won’t be able to get it easily no matter what anyone or any website is saying to you. It doesn’t exist, period. If people are offering a direct download it is too good to be true. Sorry to break it to you.

There is one basic way you can get around this. By being a little clever and doing something that may be a little bit technical. The steps I shall explain below are basically converting your iPhone into a mirroring device so you can see Android. If you want TubeMate to work then this solution you need to use if you dont want to have to jail break your phone. You also need two phones, both an iOS device and and an Android device.


Roge8r9 months ago

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