Is Tubemate Safe?


It is a good question and as an introduction Tubemate is overall a safe application to use. There are however some important notes to make when downloading and using the application.

The reason it is not on the Google Play Store is absolutely nothing to do with the application being safe or not. It is only not on there because you are able to download YouTube videos from there and Youtube is owned by Google and they don’t like it that you can do that. I believe it is listed in their policies about downloader apps. They want you to pay for a premium Youtube service which then allows you to save Youtube videos offline from the app itself.

What you have to bare in mind though is that it only comes in the form of an .apk format so you need to make sure you download it from a trusted source. On Aptoide the apk file has been scanned and checked across multiple anti virus platforms and is considered verified and safe. I would however be hesitant from download it from other platforms unless they make the same stringent checks. You can also download from the official website which works well too.

So at the end of the day, yes it is safe but you must 100% make sure you download it from a trusted source like Aptoide.

Roge8r2 years ago

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