Where to find, get and download Tubemate?


For those of you who don’t know, Tubemate is a place where you can browse your favorite video sites and download the videos directly to your device. Getting a good copy of Tubemate is actually surprisingly difficult.

Unfortunately Tubemate is not available from the official Google Play Store due to Google’s policy against downloaders. This means that to download it, you need to find other sources such as alternate app stores that exist on the web. You need to be careful though because a lot of sites out there are not offering the latest version and some versions contain malware. You see, because it is not available in the Google store, users have to find a copy of the apk file from across the web which opens the possibility to anybody anywhere hosting a bad app, renaming it Tubemate.apk and spreading it out there.

My advice would be to download the official Tubemate app from Aptoide here (https://tubemate-youtube-downloader.en.aptoide.com/). It is the official version which has been checked with many anti virus and malware scanners and is now marked as verified. You also get automatic updates when you use an alternate app store. As always it is important to keep your software updated to the latest version where possible or problems can happen.

You can also check out the official website (http://tubemate.net/) where they provide a number of sources to download from.

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