Why can’t I download Tubemate from the official Google Play Store?


The short answer is because Google is annoying. The long answer is a little more complicated. Historically Tubemate in its original form was actually available on the Play Store however was later removed.

Although it has not been stated publicly, this is the belief among most people that the reason you cannot download Tubemate from Google Play is that Tubemate is an application for downloading videos from YouTube. YouTube doesn’t like this as it means not using their application from the moment the videos have been downloaded and are watch outside of the app.

Due to Google Play’s terms and conditions you are unable to download applications which are downloader applications especially those that can download videos from YouTube!

Thankfully Google is not God and there are many other places you can download the application from. One of these is right here on Aptoide (http://tubemate-youtube-downloader.en.aptoide.com). Through Aptoide you also get the app automatically updated which means you can have the latest version and also the safest.
If I were you I would be careful downloading from other sources. The .apk files on these sites may not be trusted and you may get malware on your device so be extra careful if you don’t go through the official website or here on Aptoide.

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